Argentina WU20

Argentina and Turkey will clash for the first position in Pool G after recording victories against Rwanda and Thailand respectively on Wednesday.

Argentina outclassed Rwanda in three sets, thus securing a spot at the playoffs for positions 9-12. Although the Panthers started with some unforced errors, contributing to Rwanda’s score, they then quickly found their rhythm and had no problems. Only in the beginning of the third set did Rwanda take the lead at 7-5, but the players around head coach Pablo Martin Ambrosini did not allow any surprises.

“Rwanda is a team that we already know. We know that the focus had to be on our game. We are very happy with the victory," said Josefina Ossvald, middle blocker of Argentina.

Turkey were able to complete their attacks from the beginning, but neither team shined on the block. The players of Sahin Catma, however, were able to record as many as four blocks in the first set. Thailand tried bringing back the intrigue in the second set, getting closer to their opponents at 15-16, but it was too late. It was a close call in the beginning of the third set, but Turkey was outperforming their opponent on block and at the serving line. Overall, Turkey controlled the game (12 blocks compared to one by Thailand, and seven aces compared to one by the Thais). Only in attack were Thailand more competitive. Turkey´s opposite hitter Ipar Kurt topped the charts with 13 points.

“We are very happy that we won. It means a lot to us that we could win three sets. I believe that we will have a good game against Argentina. Make sure to watch it," Elif Su Ericek, opposite hitter and captain of Turkey said.