Big Ten 2022 - News


A great new offering comes to Volleyball TV this season with over 70 Big Ten matches to be streamed live and on demand on the platform. The Big Ten features the top teams and players in the US collegiate system, and many of the stars of tomorrow. Get your Volleyball TV pass now to watch all the action.

Non-conference matches will be streamed from August 26 to September 16, before the Big Ten season takes place from September 23 to November 26. The matches below will all be available on Volleyball TV.

Non-conference matches

August 26:

Nebraska vs. Tulsa (7:30 PM ET)*

August 27:

Michigan State vs. Fairfield (7:00 PM ET)*

Ohio State vs. Texas (8:00 PM ET)**

September 1:

Nebraska vs. Loyola Marymount (8:00 PM ET)*

September 2:

Purdue vs. Utah (6:30 PM ET)**

Wisconsin vs. Marquette (9:00 PM ET)**

September 3:

Purdue vs. UW-Milwaukee (3:00 PM ET)*

Nebraska vs. Ole Miss (8:00 PM ET)**

September 4:

Minnesota vs. Florida (1:30 PM ET)**

September 9:

Penn State vs. Stanford (6:00 PM ET)**

Minnesota vs. Oregon (8:30 PM ET)**

September 10:

Penn State vs. Oregon (5:30 PM ET)*

Minnesota vs. Stanford (8:00 PM ET)*

September 13:

Nebraska vs. Stanford (8:00 PM ET)**

September 16:

Wisconsin vs. Florida (8:30 PM ET)**

Big Ten Conference matches

September 23

Rutgers vs. Michigan (6:00 PM ET)**

Purdue vs. Minnesota (8:00 PM ET)**

Illinois vs. Maryland (9:00 PM ET)*

September 24

Penn State vs. Michigan (7:00 PM ET)*

September 25

Maryland vs. Indiana (1:00 PM ET)*

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (8:00 PM ET)**

September 28

Indiana vs. Iowa (7:00 PM ET)**

Minnesota vs. Northwestern (9:00 PM ET)**

September 30

Maryland vs. Michigan State (6:30 PM ET)**

Rutgers vs. Nebraska (7:00 PM ET)*

Wisconsin vs. Penn State (9:00 PM ET)**

October 2

Minnesota vs. Iowa (1:00 PM ET)*

October 5

Purdue vs. Iowa (6:00 PM ET)**

Indiana vs. Wisconsin (8:00 PM ET)**

October 6

Michigan State vs. Nebraska (8:00 PM ET)**

October 7

Ohio State vs. Penn State (6:30 PM ET)**

Michigan vs. Minnesota (8:30 PM ET)**

October 8

Purdue vs. Wisconsin (8:00 PM ET)*

October 9

Ohio State vs. Northwestern (1:00 PM ET)*

October 12

Minnesota vs. Ohio State (8:00 PM ET)**

October 14

Michigan State vs. Michigan (7:00 PM ET)*

Nebraska vs. Penn State (8:30 PM ET)**

October 15

Minnesota vs. Illinois (Time TBD)**

Ohio State vs. Rutgers (5:00 PM ET)*

October 19

Ohio Stats vs. Illinois (6:00 PM ET)**

Purdue vs Nebraska (8:00 PM ET)**

October 21

Rutgers vs. Northwestern (6:00 PM ET)**

Maryland vs. Penn State (8:00 PM ET)**

October 22

Maryland vs. Northwestern (8:00 PM ET)*

Illinois vs. Nebraska (8:00 PM ET)**

October 23

Michigan State vs. Indiana (2:00 PM ET)*

October 26

Illinois vs. Penn State (7:00 PM ET)**

Wisconsin vs. Nebraska (9:00 PM ET)**

October 28

Northwestern vs. Purdue (Time TBD)**

October 29

Nebraska vs. Maryland (7:00 PM ET)*

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota (6:30 PM ET)**

Penn State vs. Ohio State (8:30 PM ET)**

October 30

Northwestern vs. Iowa (2:00 PM ET)*

November 2

Penn State vs. Maryland (7:00 PM ET)**

Nebraska vs. Indiana (9:00 PM ET)**

November 4

Michigan State vs. Purdue (6:00 PM ET)**

Minnesota vs. Michigan (8:00 PM ET)*

November 6

Rutgers vs. Penn State (12:00 PM ET)*

November 10

Purdue vs. Ohio State (7:00 PM ET)*

November 12

Purdue vs. Penn State (8:00 PM ET)**

Wisconsin vs. Maryland (8:00 PM ET)*

November 13

Ohio State vs. Nebraska (4:30 PM ET)**

November 18

Penn State vs. Minnesota (6:30 PM ET)**

Rutgers vs. Wisconsin (7:00 PM ET)*

November 19

Penn State vs. Wisconsin (Time TBD)**

November 20

Nebraska vs. Purdue (1:00 PM ET)**

Illinois vs. Iowa (2:00 PM ET)*

November 25

Ohio State vs. Minnesota (6:00 PM ET)*

Nebraska vs. Wisconsin (8:00 PM ET)**

November 26

Michigan State vs. Iowa (2:00 PM ET)*

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin (7:00 PM ET)**

Nebraska vs. Minnesota (9:00 PM ET)**

November 3 or 4

Illinois vs. Wisconsin (8:00 PM ET / 1:00 AM UTC)**

*Matches available internationally

**Matches available outside the USA, Anguilla, Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Curacao, DR-Hato Mayor, DR-Higuey, DR-St. Maarten, Granada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, Saba, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Tortola, Tortuga, Turks, Caicos, U.S. Virgin Islands.